Don't let mosquitos be your uninvited quests at your next party


Say No To Mosquitos 

MosquitoNix AFRICA

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MosquitoNix AFRICA provides a 24 hour barrier against pesky and dangerous mosquitos. 

MosquitoNix AFRICA brings to you the best proven mosquito-fighting technology from America. 

MosquitoNix AFRICA custom-designed mosquito spray systems provide proven insect control that’s effective and affordable for you and your family. Nozzles for this unique mosquito killing system are placed every ten to twelve feet around the perimeter of your home, and can be concealed using your fence line, eaves, trees or other landscape elements.

MosquitoNix AFRICA spray systems use a regular 110v outlet, and may be turned off when you are holding outdoor gatherings. Our machines average three to four mists per day, each lasting 20 to 45 seconds.


MosquitoNix AFRICA  can adjust the time and duration during each service call—or we can teach you how to make these adjustments yourself.

MosquitoNix AFRICA also offers a one-time mosquito elimination treatment for special occasions:

1. Mosquito Fogging— A mosquito fogger is used around dense vegetation, shrubs, hedges and tree canopies.

2. Mosquito Granules— Fine granules are spread over your lawn.

3. Mosquito Larvicide — A small amount of Bt-israelensis (Bt-i), an eco-friendly solution is placed in areas of standing water around your property.


"Malaria takes nearly one million lives a year, 85% of which are children."
Mosquitoes and their deadly bites deliver a steady blow to millions of already struggling African families, sapping their productivity and income, and snuffing out the next generation.
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